I’m a software developer currently located in The Netherlands. Most places online I can be found as Pumpkinsoup or AWildPumpkin. (Hence the pumpkin.) What can I say? I love pumpkins.

This website is generated with Pelican, deployed with Travis CI and open sourced on GitHub. The site’s theme is a heavily modified version of the beautiful Pneumatic.

I’m currently a computer science intern at Avanade, a joint venture of Microsoft and Accenture, where I’m researching Machine Learning. I also work as a freelance director and video editor. Favourite clients include Comedy Central’s Gamekings and Firstlook Festival.

In my spare time I love writing about technology, automating my daily tasks with Python (3!), creating pixel art and developing my own video games. I’m also quite the film geek.

These are some of the projects I’m actively working on right now:

  • Watchdog — Python program that can watch a folder for media changes: automatically renames, tags and moves video files to your media server. Supports most scene naming conventions.
  • Guild Wars 2 API — Python wrapper for the second version of the Guild Wars 2 API. Development focus is on supporting additional World versus World and Trading Post (commerce) functionality.
  • Random Dungeon Generator — Commercial game development asset I’m selling on the GameMaker Marketplace. Build and play your own randomly generated Zeldalikes!

These are my infrequent ramblings.